For Sellers

We should focus only on quality buyers.

Every Property has a story, your story. A living “history” of a piece of ranch property is a key to it’s value. So we listen carefully to bring out the character of every property we sell. When you’re talking ranch land, you can’t overlook the work that has gone into it, or the moments that have been shared there. When someone sets foot on your land, they should know every detail about it.

If you would like to quietly, privately list a property

Land is a personal thing for some people. It represents generations of family history and you may not want your neighbors and everybody in town to know about the big life decision you have made. We have experience in discretely listing properties to a closed group of high net-worth buyers who have been pre-qualified and pre-screened.

Telling the Truth

“I don’t want my agent to undersell my land or oversell in the wrong ways. It’s better to be accurate than to underplay or overinflate the truth.” – Happy feller, Seller
We don’t lie about property. We tell the good and the bad. It’s not about making a sale, it’s about creating a transaction where every single person involved walks away feeling great about the experience. What we will do is point out accessible opportunities to enhance the value of a property, often the value is in the simple things.


“What’s refreshing about Mark, he was not inhibited at all about telling me exactly what to do.” – Happy Feller, Seller
After doing this a while, we’ve learned to see it as a potential buyer “feels it”. If you have put in 5 years of hard work and improvements, we want to express this clearly and accurately, pointing out exactly what you’ve done and why it’s important. There may be something simple that needs a touch up or repair, and we won’t hesitate to tell you what we know will improve a buyer’s purchase experience.

1031 Exchanges

If you need to sell and move quickly into another property to avoid tax implications, we have experience doing this successfully.