Life’s just too short, so do business with people of character.

After a life in the oil fields, and a childhood growing up on ranches, Mark learned about land. But his passion is really people, so why not combine the two, and start introducing people to their little parcel of Texas (or “The Alamo of America” as Mark likes to call it)?

“But, you can’t do it just like anybody else, you’ve got to treat people right, make it easy on everyone and give everybody the same experience. You can’t put a price on personal relationships.”

So the heartbeat for Mark Harman is pretty simple. Bring Character by listening and speaking the truth, clearly. Bring out the character in the land itself, bring people of high character together, be a man of high character, make the character of the transaction smooth and straightforward.

The Mark Harman Core Values


Know what is real and what is artificial, then speak the truth no matter what.


Think of self third.


The level of effort you put in equals level of care people receive.


Work tirelessly to make it easy on everyone else.

What it looks like

A story about Harman Ranches that puts the “heart” into perspective

It was a hot summer day, and the listing was a new ranch on the Willow City Loop in Willow City, Texas. Mark had listened carefully to the seller’s family history with this ranch, what it meant to him and what he loved about it. There were some special secrets hidden within the hills, incredible springs bubbling out of the rocks, some overwhelming views and an and an impressive variety of landscapes to experience. 

But it was not very walkable, or driveable.

So Mark, and a few guys with chainsaws arrived the next day, early, and restored the old trail network to state-park quality. Hour after hour they hauled cans of gas, equipment and brush to create an intentional journey for whoever might want to come see it. This wasn’t just a ranch, it was a storybook full of interesting chapters and scenes. “Gotta treat it as if it were my own, I need to be proud of it!”, Mark said, and he meant it. The ranch sold to some extremely appreciative new owners in a transaction that went as smooth as silk. That’s what happens when you bring character into a business deal. Everyone walks away feeling full, good, happy and satisfied. And that first hike on their new ranch? Spectacular!

Mark Harman

Broker, Principal

You know Mark’s heart, and his history with land through his childhood and early career in the oil and gas business. What you didn’t know is that he’s a diehard shotgun enthusiast and wine aficionado. You’ll find him up at 5am every morning on his ranch porch just northwest of Fredericksburg, sipping his “magic” coffee and enjoying the sunrise while he corresponds with folks. Ranch life isn’t something he just likes, it’s something he lives.

Meet The Team

Mark’s not a solo-operator. His network has brought together the perfect storm of relationships to provide a proven cooperative of folks who really know their stuff. This team is curated and lives every day doing the part of this business they are the best at.

Harman Ranches is strategically aligned with Pivotol, an outsourced Brand Marketing company that streamlines our marketing into a single narrative. They keep Harman Ranches looking consistent, the message tight and with a team of up to 5+ people, they can take on as much or as little as we need at a time. Pivotol works to develop authentic brands that tell true stories. It’s their job to come up with more to say about a property than just its price and acreage. To date, they have done everything from copy-writing, graphic design and web development to the decal on my truck.

As a lead broker and early-adopter at Landright, the only national listing platform for private market ranches, we are pioneering a whole new model for privately listing high-value properties to a small network of viable buyers. Taking a note from the commercial real estate playbook, this model focuses on keeping properties out of the commoditized and crowded marketplace by limiting exposure to only those willing to sign an NDA and undergo more strict pre-qualification. For Ranches $5m or higher, it’s only about getting the right 3-5 people interested and only giving tours to serious prospective buyers. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep your business to yourself!

You’ve heard of Mapright, it’s a powerful tool for showing property lines and other details on ranch land. But there’s so much more available from the custom shop. Using their advanced cartography skills and deep database knowledge, we are able to specifically locate opportunities with razor precision. Take what they find, pitch it to Pivotol and you’ve got a hell of a streamlined approach to ranch land marketing