Bringing high character people together around the highest character Texas ranch land, ranch homes and live water properties.


then speak the
truth clearly.

Telling a Story

Ranch land is not a book that can be understood just by glancing at its cover. Let’s bring out the character in every ranch, in vivid detail. There’s always more than meets the eye and to us, success means matching the right person to the right land. That’s above and beyond.

We help people by…

  • Telling the truth, good, bad or indifferent.
  • Taking over the complexity.
  • Making sure everyone wins.

Latest Stories

Confidence Breeds Movement

 “I grew up ‘Huckleberry Finn’, I was always outdoors-oriented with my family. That’s never left me.” -Warren Bluntzer There is this fascinating thing that occurs

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The “Price” Dilemma

We just got forced to do something uncomfortable, and it’s started an incredible conversation. The Harman Ranches “way” is all about connecting high-character people with

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